Book Repair

Your cherished books, that are worn with age or from use & handling, whose covers are unhinged or those that have broken spines, can be repaired. Please inquire for details and to schedule an assessment.



New hand-bound books ~ blank journals, photo albums or guestbooks ~ are bound with care, a bit of whimsy and all the various hand tools and supplies that are needed for the job. They are designed and produced using hand-backed book-cloth or leather,  fine paper, and often feature original photographs, found images or scanned objects stitched onto the cloth.

Commissions of custom-designed photo albums, guest books, journals, small editions of poetry chapbooks or anthologies or other book projects are welcome. Browse our online shop at Etsy, or purchase products directly at seasonal craft shows or in person by appointment.
Please see Events & Workshops for news of upcoming shows and workshops.

What Customers have said…

“I loved the books that arrived, and the craziest thing is that without giving you any direction for the wedding book you managed to place the two perfect symbols of my mother’s parents on the cover. My grandmother used to hand-crochet those doilies and mail them to us from Denmark and my grandfather used to breed his own roses at our cottage. It brought tears to my eyes when I put it all together.”